What change leaders can learn from gymnasts

My colleague was leaning forward, her hands moving quickly, sketching out her thoughts in the space in front of her.

She was telling me about her frustration at an incident last week. Her body was turned slightly to her left and her eyes were directed upwards.

Moving Beyond Emotional Intelligence

Something was getting to me

There was an impending sense of doom but I had no idea what it was about

Anxiety, worry... but about what?

Why Trauma Awareness Matters

I was facilitating an open-space style session with no upfront agenda. 
We planned to crowd-source topics from the group.
Many in the room were entirely unfamiliar with this meeting structure...

The 5 Intelligences you didn't know you had as a leader of change

As change leaders we may be accustomed to using our conceptual and emotional intelligence. What if you had access to 3 more rich sources of information to drive your change leadership actions?

It is going to take more than ‘team-building’

As restrictions ease, merely getting together to do activities, or what is often referred to as ‘team-building’, is a massive missed opportunity. The coming months present a unique opportunity to build from a period of uncertainty and turmoil, and create teams that become more deeply connected than ever before. Teams that have the ambition and capability to cause outstanding breakthroughs.

Intrapreneurs – Empower Your Corporate Insurgents

Meet the Intrapreneurs. They already work for you. They have ideas and insights that will elevate the company’s impact and are prepared to take on and lead this challenge. They are the source of ideas that could rejuvenate your company, get you back on top of your game in difficult times and be the attractor for extraordinary talent to seek your company out. But, how do you find them, retain them and partner with them to make this happen?
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