COMING Q1 2022:
How to "Go Within" to Supercharge Your Change Leadership

Because if you're only in your head, you're only using half your potential 

Go Within Programme:
  • Amplify Your Change Impact
  • Become the Change You Want to See
  • ​Release your Personal Power Blockers
  • ​Implement Powerful New Change Practices
  • ​Grow within a Change Agent Community
  • ​Learn from Seasoned Mentors


Managers and leaders of change with 1 years+ experience

The Goal:

Deepened self-awareness to build greater resilience and deliver greater impact

Course length: 

12 weeks

Course Format:


Why does it exist?
There are many change programmes out there. They tend to focus on developing our conceptual framework, giving us new tools to approach change from a practical point of view. What they neglect is the mind, body, spirit that we bring to our work as leaders.

As leaders, we are a central part of change. We must transform ourselves if we are to inspire change in others. It is these internal processes that leaders need help to navigate successfully to provide a platform for successful transformation.
What is it?
“Leading Inside Out” is a 12-week online programme that features online training sessions, live Q&As, one-to-one coaching and access to a community of successful change leaders.

The course invites you to look deeper at who you are as a change leader and how you can maximise your change impact.

Who is it for?
“Leading Inside Out” is for professionals tasked with delivering change within an organisation, with at least one year of experience.

You could be a change manager, a team or department leader, a CEO, or a director. You could be a coach, consultant or a Scrum Master.
Where does it happen?
The Leading Inside Out course is online and consists of training sessions, integration sessions, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You learn online. 
You integrate the material and take action personally and within your organisation.
When does it start and how long does it last?
The course lasts for 12 weeks with dedicated sessions taking place each week.

Each session lasts TBC minutes and we ask you to commit to 5 minutes of practice per day.

There will be a half-day in-person 'graduation' celebration event one month after the course finishes.
How does it work?
The programme is delivered online and consists of training sessions, integration sessions, live Q&As and engagement with our community on social media. 

You learn online and are provided with the tools to integrate the approach into your personal development and your organisation’s change management processes. 

When does it start?

We'll begin with our pioneer cohort in January 2022

We'll open sales in October 2021.

If you're interested in staying in touch as we get closer to launch, hit the button below.

Here's how it works

To achieve sustainable change in ourselves, we must "work at the root".
This can be tough to do alone.

“Leading Inside Out” provides a high-growth environment, supportive community and expert mentorship.

Harness the Power of your Body
We will help you to deepen your body awareness to enable you to (literally) stand powerfully for the change you want to see in the world.
Navigate Complexity
Develop a holistic, integrated approach to help you drive impact in a complex and volatile modern work environment.
Identify your Personal Blockers
We'll support you to identify the behaviours and physical patterns that are holding you back, freeing you to lead more effectively.
Adopt Powerful New Practices
We'll help you to design and adopt new practices, to build your resilience, commitment, and mental and emotional health, so you can fully embody the impact you want to deliver.
Grow within a Change Agent Community
It's hard to change when you're surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of change agents. Collaborate, seek advice, heal your wounds, practice new habits, make new connections and have fun.
Learn from Seasoned Mentors
You’ll learn from your fellow students – but you'll also benefit from expert support. We provide buddy calls, a weekly group call, Q&A's, email support and clinics.

Leading Inside Out course outline

In 12-weeks, we'll support you to stand powerfully for the change impact you want to deliver - here's how…

  Week 1: Your aspirations as a change leader

  • Exploring who you want to be as change leader vs where you are today
  • ​The difference your personal development will make to tackling your change 
  • ​Examples of great change leadership

  Week 2: Ways human beings experience transformation

  • The different lens on experience: results, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, emotions, physiological
  • ​Defining embodiment
  • The Strozzi process of transformation: who we are, who we want to be and the space in between

  Week 3: Understanding the body

  • Centering as a way to gain perspective as a leader
  • ​How to tune into the 5 intelligences for more effective decision making
  • Integrating sense data from all the intelligences

  Week 4: Integration session

  • Participant-driven reflection session, prioritised by the greatest needs of the group

  Week 5: What you stand for as a change leader

  • Exploring your body's relationship to your speech and your choice of words
  • ​How the extent to which you embody your commitments relates to your change leadership impact
  • ​Developing a commitment statement to focus your energy as a change leader

  Week 6: Your blockers as a change leader

  • Identifying where you struggle leading others
  • ​Following through on your commitment
  • ​The role of practice in getting unblocked

  Week 7: Developing your growth habits

  • Creating the conditions for adopting new habits
  • ​Designing your personal practices for growth
  • ​Starting your "minimal viable habit change"

  Week 8: Integration session

  • Reflection on how what you've learned so far relates to your change challenge

  Week 9: Reflecting on your new practice

  • Integrating insights emerging from your new habits
  • ​Identifying and addressing internal and external obstacles
  • ​Building resilience

  Week 10: Visibility, vulnerability and connection

  • Showing vulnerability in the world
  • ​Building your support network and connections
  • ​Embodying visibility

  Week 11: Defining a new context

  • Defining the new context you are creating
  • ​How you will generate this context for others
  • ​Designing the experiments you’ll take on

  Week 12: Closing Ceremony

  • Sharing your learnings with the group
  • ​Acknowledging your development and that of others
  • Committing to the next steps of your journey

About Us

My vision is a society where we all get to fully express our greatness at work and in our lives.
This starts with each of us making a decision to 'go within', to uncover our wondrous nature. Through grounding and healing in our bodies, we can find the courage to start making changes in our environment. We can accelerate our own change and improve the lives of those around us.
This is the path of the conscious change leader. 
Transformation is characterised by not knowing - the unbounded space between the old and the new. As transformation leaders, we hold that space for ourselves and for others and that asks us to let go of being the expert and reflect deeply on who we are and what matters to us.
Our sense of who we are resides in our bodies, in the shapes we adopt, the tension we carry and the places we hide our deepest wounds. As we reconnect with our bodies, we can fully transform ourselves and be better equipped to help others.

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Feedback from former coachees...


"10 out of 10 for Richard’s excellent facilitation. Good balance of input and practice. Very good energy management. Calm and smart engagement. Richard really focused on skilling up the audience. Thank you!’


"Richard is knowledgeable about such a mixed bag of subjects, some theoretical and some more practical and is able provide genuine practical help regarding people's change challenges. 10/10"


”Great course, it delivered highly valuable techniques that I can apply directly"


“Extremely knowledgeable and excellent facilitation skills, ensuring the training was well paced, rewarding and fun. 10/10”


"Thank you for a very good training – you were responsive to our needs in mixing theory with practice. Would I recommend it to others? 100%"


“Richard has depth in the content he shares. The workshop provides excellent examples of application. I honestly I don't think I could have chosen better! You are brilliant and super generous. I congratulate myself for picking you! Would I recommend it? 100%”


"I couldn’t have wished for a better coach to guide me through the process. Clare, you were so patient and kind and your authenticity and congruence shone through. Your complete unwavering faith in me has given me the courage to take myself and dreams seriously. You are an exceptional coach and I will always be grateful for this experience"


"I highly recommend Clare and this process to anyone who wants to support their team to be more creative in leading change. On the back of this activity many of the team have signed up for coaching from Clare"

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