The 5 Intelligences Foundation Workshop

If you're just in your head, you're only using half your potential

Harnessing your 5 Intelligences:
  • Amplify Your Change Impact
  • Understand how whole-person practices relate to change leadership
  • ​Gain insight into your growth edge
  • Connect with like-minded change professionals
  • ​Learn live from seasoned mentors


Managers and leaders of change with 1 years+ experience

The Goal:

Learning how to leverage your 5 intelligences for breakthrough impact


Thursday 7 October
Starts 16:00 BST
75 minutes


Recording available after the event

Why does it exist?
We believe that you have hidden powers as a change leader. By exploring all 5 of your intelligences, you’ll open the door to unleashing more of your potential as a leader of change.
What is it?
"The 5 Intelligences - Foundation Workshop" is a 75-minute experience that will combine expert tuition, live Q&A and interactive exercises.

The course invites you to look deeper at the full span of your human capabilities and how to leverage these to maximise your change impact.

Who is it for?
"The 5 Intelligences - Foundation Workshop" is for professionals tasked with delivering change within an organisation, with at least one year of experience.

You could be a change manager, a team or department leader, a CEO, or a director. You could be a coach, consultant or a Scrum Master.

The 5 Intelligences

"The 5 Intelligences - Foundation Workshop" provides you with a new approach to amplify your change leadership impact.


The familiar senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Sight and hearing tend to be dominant for most of us.


Refers to the sensations we can detect from inside our body - our internal organs, connective tissue and, at times, our skin. Most of the time, we manage these through unconscious processes, but there are some we can detect, like butterflies in our stomach and, with practice, we can learn to detect many more.


Our sense of our body in space - we know where our left knee is in relation to our right elbow without having to look at either of them. Gymnasts and dancers have highly developed proprioception to execute their moves with precision.

Conceptual intelligence

Our stories, narratives, beliefs - how we explain the world and our place in it, to ourselves. In Western society this is what most of us are taught intelligence is.

Emotional intelligence

In common use as an awareness of our emotions and those of others. Neurobiogically, emotions are a bridge between body sensations and conceptual intelligence. Emotions are how we label a collection of sensations (with a name, like “joy”) and attribute meaning to them.

5 Intelligences - Foundation Workshop outline

In 75 minutes, we'll show you the hidden powers you didn't know you had as a change leader - here's how…

 Session Outline

  • The 5 Intelligences and change work - what makes them relevant and useful?
  • ​The 5 Intelligences in depth - a more detailed exploration of each intelligence
  • ​The role of practice in developing the 5 Intelligences
  • Practices for developing your intelligences!
  • ​Q&A

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Interaction with facilitators and fellow participants
Recordings and materials sent afterwards

About Us

My vision is a society where we all get to fully express our greatness at work and in our lives.
This starts with each of us making a decision to 'go within', to uncover our wondrous nature. Through grounding and healing in our bodies, we can find the courage to start making changes in our environment. We can accelerate our own change and improve the lives of those around us.
This is the path of the conscious change leader. 
Transformation is characterised by not knowing - the unbounded space between the old and the new. As transformation leaders, we hold that space for ourselves and for others and that asks us to let go of being the expert and reflect deeply on who we are and what matters to us.
Our sense of who we are resides in our bodies, in the shapes we adopt, the tension we carry and the places we hide our deepest wounds. As we reconnect with our bodies, we can fully transform ourselves and be better equipped to help others.

Feedback from coachees...


"10 out of 10 for Richard’s excellent facilitation. Good balance of input and practice. Very good energy management. Calm and smart engagement. Richard really focused on skilling up the audience. Thank you!’


"Richard is knowledgeable about such a mixed bag of subjects, some theoretical and some more practical and is able provide genuine practical help regarding people's change challenges. 10/10"


”Great course, it delivered highly valuable techniques that I can apply directly"


“Extremely knowledgeable and excellent facilitation skills, ensuring the training was well paced, rewarding and fun. 10/10”


"Thank you for a very good training – you were responsive to our needs in mixing theory with practice. Would I recommend it to others? 100%"


“Richard has depth in the content he shares. The workshop provides excellent examples of application. I honestly I don't think I could have chosen better! You are brilliant and super generous. I congratulate myself for picking you! Would I recommend it? 100%”


"I couldn’t have wished for a better coach to guide me through the process. Clare, you were so patient and kind and your authenticity and congruence shone through. Your complete unwavering faith in me has given me the courage to take myself and dreams seriously. You are an exceptional coach and I will always be grateful for this experience"


"I highly recommend Clare and this process to anyone who wants to support their team to be more creative in leading change. On the back of this activity many of the team have signed up for coaching from Clare"

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